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“Bites and Pieces of an Ordinary Life”

Blog 9 PicBlog nine:  “Radio Days”… continues to test the resilience of two never-say-quit young would-be entrepreneurs; this time in the challenging media world of FM Radio and magazine publishing. Each feature can be accessed by selecting the (OPEN) option following the previews below.

The Magazine… Back in the 50s they called it “Elevator Music” or “No Fi.” Why not? There were no commercials and it was free, so who really listened? That is until Burt Harris and Geoff Nate gave FM radio an identity. (OPEN)

KLFM… The acronym for Kept Losing Family Money. Our first adventure in broadcasting from the top of an old abandoned oil derrick on Signal Hill in Long Beach, CA.  (OPEN)

“Begged and Borrowed”

Some wonderful old seldom seen photos, courtesy of our friend Alan Stamm. Be Alan’s guests.    (OPEN)


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